Your challenge

You require modern portfolio and order management tools to efficiently run your business.

You need to have information from your internal systems integrated into the platform you operate with, and you need to pull in further critical data from third party product and service providers that hold assets for your customers.

You also need to cleverly and efficiently deliver information and reporting to your team and to your customers.

Your own IT resource has a limited skillset and is focused on maintaining your internal infrastructure.

Our Advanced Answer

Multrees is committed to maintaining a best of breed IT architecture that will keep our business and yours ahead of the technology curve.

Through Multrees Compass you have access to optionally available investment management tools which are fully integrated into our modern agile technology stack.

Our state of the art messaging layer combined with our strong skillset in integration and interfacing will enable you to utilise your own retained technology, such as CRM and performance databases, while data from external third parties can be efficiently imported onto the platform.

All these tools, and all your required internal and customer reporting can optionally be delivered via your own branded digital delivery platform, supported by Multrees technology.

Key Benefits for you and your customers

Case study
Technology Solution

Our client, faced with the twin challenges of a growing customer base, combined with an increasingly ‘digitally aware’ generation, required a modern, flexible, multi-device customer web portal that gives their customers access to view their portfolio on any device, anywhere and at any time.

Our fully customisable and intuitive portal, provides each customer with access to their own portfolio values, security composition, as well as access to historic reports in a single location.

One of the attractions of our offering is the ability to provide a fully white-labelled solution, which is easily tailored to your own branding requirements. This feature, when combined with our skills in content integration and customised application development, allows you to quickly promote your corporate branding and unique character as a digital business to your end customers.

Security is a key component of any robust digital solution, and with the multi-form (password/PIN) sign-on over SSL, the Multrees customer portal protects that most valuable of corporate assets, your customer data.

“We are all impressed by Multrees flexibility and adaptability.”