Your challenge

Your customers require timely and reliable reporting. You require reporting that supports your investment proposition.

Bringing together the reporting on assets, liabilities, expenses and revenue held by different providers can be a time consuming and resource intensive process.

So, you need the insight, knowledge and experience to coordinate data from multiple sources. Intuitively and efficiently. The knowhow and the technology.

Our Advanced Answer

Using market-leading technology, we provide solutions that help you to differentiate your business and scale more efficiently. 

We work closely with our clients to provide bespoke, comprehensive reporting services that deliver specific detail in a simple and intuitive way.

Data from multiple sources can be consolidated into one report and under your branding to reinforce your customer proposition.

Investments are categorised in accordance with your investment policy.

Whether your customer is a group, family, trust or other structure, we integrate consolidated reporting across complex customer and account hierarchies. This includes capturing assets held with other custodians and/or non-securitised property.

Key Benefits for you and your customers

Case study
Consolidated Client Reporting Solution

With a unique investment process and supporting infrastructure, our client required a custody and client reporting solution to enable it to efficiently scale its business.

We successfully integrated consolidated reporting across complex client and account hierarchies, as well as multiple custody agents.

Having extremely large and complex family structures, the key challenge was to configure a service and account structure that would provide the scope of reporting required by a variety of asset owners and specialist advisers.

With the reporting project successfully delivered, our client engaged us to review other areas of its business, including its use of front office toolsets and a related cross-jurisdictional business.

“Anyone can do the 80%, but Multrees can do the difficult 20% better than anyone.”